The Farms

Seven miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, we farm 1500 acres on California’s beautiful Central Coast.

With ranches in both the Arroyo Grande and Edna Valleys, we enjoy moderate climates and a year round growing season.  Cool ocean air in the evening and warm temperatures during the day allow our crops to thrive.  Growing for both our commercial farming operations and our home-delivery subscription service, we produce over 40 different fruit and vegetable items.

Talley Farms Field
Talley Farms Field
Brussels Sprouts
Talley Farms Field in Arroyo Grande
Arroyo Grande Farming

We know the freshest, most delicious produce comes from the healthiest fields.

We employ university-trained agronomists who employee both time-tested methodologies and the latest in research to grow fruits and vegetables in the most responsible way possible while still maximizing yields.  We also employ a full-time engineer who works hard to make sure we responsibly use our precious natural resources.  We grow using only non-GMO seeds. We use sustainable farming methods including drip irrigation, monthly water testing for bacteria and germs, and application of organic sprays and fertilizers when possible – all while adhering to strict food safety practices in our fields and coolers.

Some of our fields are USDA Organic certified.  Even in our conventional fields, we use organic herbicides and pesticides if they are equally effective against the threat we are trying to mitigate.  The methods we choose are dictated by a number of factors, but we are committed to long term sustainability as reflected in our four generation history in the Arroyo Grande Valley and the fact that we live on our farm.  The newest conventional insecticides more effectively target pests while leaving beneficial insects unharmed.   This is important because these beneficial insects play a critical role in protecting our crops.  At the State and Federal level, all pesticides must be registered for use on the particular crops to which they are applied.  Every time we spray a field, we file a report with the San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner describing when, where and what we sprayed.  All employees are trained, and those who apply pesticides or supervise the operations receive more training and are licensed.  We are subject to random surprise inspections at all times.  All of these regulations apply to both organic and conventional spray applications.

Talley Farms is a sacred trust now in the hands of the fourth generation of family farmers.  Our careful stewardship will allow us to pass it on to the fourth generation.